APC s.a.

APC sa is a private consulting company specializing in the fields of fisheries, aquaculture, seafood packing and processing plants, rural and regional development, and aquatic environment.

The specialization and extensive experience of APC (APC developed from “APC Ltd”, established in 1994, joined from 2002 to 2008 with the participation of Nikolaos Anagnopoulos as stakeholders in “LAMANS S.A.”, and later on with the final form “APC S.A.”), guarantees the successful fulfillment of our clients’ needs and requirements, both in private and public sectors.

Strategic objective of APC sa is the maintenance of the high quality and reliability of the services offered in order to be able to provide continuous support to the diverse needs of its clients.

General operational target of APC sa is the prompt and reliable approach of projects’ requirements, through creative cooperation and knowledge – skill development of the company’s personnel.

One of the operational targets of the company is the participation to European and other international projects through the exploitation of collaborations with foreign specialized consulting companies or/and well established institutions and organisms.

Strong cooperation relationships built between APC sa and numerous European Organizations, National Public Authorities, Research Institutes, as well as a large number of high level key experts (specialized consultants, researchers, producers’ e.t.c.) in the fields of fisheries – aquaculture and aquatic environment, have made the company a recognized reliable and competitive partner both at national and international levels.

Regarding Fisheries and Aquacultures, APC sa is the pioneer Consulting Company in Greece.

The company has been certified for its services according to the EN ISO 9001:2008 standard.


Detailed profile

APC sa is activating in private and public sector as well as in European and international projects.

In the private sector APC sa, among others, offers services regarding:

  • Preparation of market studies and transaction of product promotion campaigns
  • Support for specific legal issues
  • Assurance for health and safety of seafood products
  • Training of personnel in the fields of quality, health and safety

The permanent personnel and the external experts and associates of APC sa, having long lasting experience and knowledge in private and public sectors, are able to provide services to Ministries, Public Organizations and Authorities, Education – Research Institutes and other public entities in the fields of:

  • Preparation of sectoral studies (especially in fisheries and aquaculture sectors) and studies for economic and local development of specific areas
  • Technical advisor, evaluation advisor, project management
  • Strategic and operational planning services
  • Environmental impact assessment studies, especially for aquatic environment
  • Planning and set up of laboratories for certified food products

APC sa exploits also business and research opportunities in the European Union, as well as in third countries, participates actively in European programs of research and development and programs of technical support, providing a wide range of consulting services for public and private bodies. In this business area, APC sa acts as mediator, adviser, partner or coordinator in research and technical support projects. With the experience of APC’s personnel, especially in the field of fisheries and aquaculture (Fisheries Policy, Local and Territorial Development and others), the company has established strategic alliances with research institutions and allied consulting enterprises in various countries.

APC sa has specialized staff, fully trained, with deep theoretical knowledge and years of practical experience in the areas of its activities. The external expert/associates of the company engaged in specialized scientific issues. Executives and associates of the company have:

  • Several areas consulting experience and expertise,
  • Clear and comprehensive knowledge of their areas of expertise,
  • Thorough knowledge of trends and way of working of the bodies, institutions, programs and in general of the European Union's activities,
  • Extensive experience in operational research, market surveys, sectoral studies, financial analysis firms, planning development programs, establishment of business plans,
  • Academic qualifications and work experience.

Key staff who will be involved in the project is:







in APC sa





Project Director

(Biologist – Ichthyologist)

MSc in Aquaculture,

Institute for the Biological Exploitation of Lagoons of the National Council for Research, Lesina (FG), Italy

BSc in Biology,

University of Athens, Greece 

President and CEO




Local Manager


BSc in Ichtyology,

Higher Technological Educational Institute of Messolonghi  Greece

Vice President – General Manager




Project Manager


MSc in Information Technology (IT) with Web-Technology, University of the West of Scotland, School of Computing, Paisley, UK

BSc in Ichtyology, Higher Technological Educational Institute of Messolonghi  Greece

Senior Consultant




Environmentalist - Oceanographer

MSc in Oceanography, National and Kapodistrian University of Athens, Greece

BSc in Environmental Science, University of the Aegean, School of the Environment, Greece

Senior Consultant




Project Advisor - EU expert

MBA in Marketing

BA in Literature

Senior Consultant





Degree in secretarial support, IVT Carriera, Greece




Facility and Equipment Description

Office area 5 rooms of total area 90 m2
Secretariat-Reception 20 m2
Meeting room 30 m2
Utility rooms

Printing room – Server 12 m2

Warehouses 10 m2


Kitchen  8 m2

WC 10 m2

Security Systems:

Alarm system

Fire Safety system

Security Lighting system

Electronic Systems


Automatic air conditioning



Technical Computer Equipment


PC network with Dedicated Server

Quad Core Windows Server 2012R2


High speed Ethernet network with the latest technology Switch devices, Wireless network WPA secured.

Network security:

Hardware Firewall on network Router


Primary Domain Controller

File server

Exchange server

Database server

Network environment:

Windows Server 2012R2

Microsoft SQL Server

Domain: apc.gr


9 Desktop PC’s Intel Core 2 Duo

Speeds 2.6GHz

1024 Mb  Ram

160 Gb HD

OS Windows 7 Professional

Safety of workstations:

Symantec 2014

Laptops :

2 Acer notebooks

OS Windows 7 Professional, Windows Vista Business

Streamer :

External USB Hard Disk

Data Security

Daily on-site Backup

Office :

 MS Office 2007 Small Business



Printers :

1 Color Laser Lexmark C530dn

1 Printer / Scanner/ Copier Konica 7130

Copy machine:    

1 Printer / Scanner/ Copier Konica 7130

Call center:

Phone center Panasonic PANASONIC KX-DT333

Instruments, Bookbinding:

ΙΒΙΜΑS TER 184451  -  BIND-O-MATIC 2000

Projector :

SONY 3LCD Data Projector VLP – CX5

Website : www.apc.gr

European Union

This project has received funding from the European Union (EC/Directorate-General for Maritime Affairs and Fisheries). The call of the proposals, published under Commission decision C(2014) 6313 final , which approved funding for this and a number of other pilot projects.

All Copyrights Reserved.

European Union

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