Measures to support small-scale fisheries in the EU Mediterranean waters – MARE/2014/04-SI2.723876

The objectives of this projects are:


  • Identify the degree of involvement of small-scale fishermen in industry organisations. This will be done by mapping these organisations and the number/ percentage of fishermen they represent.


  • Identify the degree of involvement of the small-scale fishing sector in publicly established bodies, by mapping these bodies and the number/ percentage of the organisations and therefore the fishermen that are represented.


  • Identify and inform stakeholders about fora and platforms available for fishermen and their organisations whose objective is to provide sustainable management of fisheries.


  • Reinforce the degree of involvement of the small-scale fishing sector in industry organisations, publicly established bodies and other fora and platforms, by informing them about the presence of these entities and ways they can be more involved and advantages of participation.


  • Facilitate the involvement of the small-scale fishing sector in setting up new organisations and supporting existing ones to increase their participation in the existing Advisory Council. This will be achieved by investigating why fishermen and their organisations are not participating in these Advisory councils and also by informing them how new Advisory Councils can be set up, if deemed necessary.


  • Promote the exchange of good practices that will further increase the participation of the small-scale fishing sector in the advisory and decision-making processes being carried out under the new regionalised Common Fisheries Policy. This will be done by presenting them with good practices and by informing fishermen of the benefits of exchanging good practices in the framework of European structures and policies.

European Union

This project has received funding from the European Union (EC/Directorate-General for Maritime Affairs and Fisheries). The call of the proposals, published under Commission decision C(2014) 6313 final , which approved funding for this and a number of other pilot projects.

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